World media roundup – 12 March 2014

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Study highlights lack of training for doctors in supporting parents after stillbirth

Ireland- The Journal

A study has recommended that consultants receive specialist training on how to support parents who experience a stillbirth or perinatal bereavement.

Death talk: gender differences in talking about one’s own impending death

BMC Palliative Care

Men in terminal care are more reluctant than women to enter into discussion regarding their own impending death in clinical settings.

End of life in the intensive care unit: should French law be adapted?

France- Annals of Intensive Care

In selected clinical situations with suitable palliative care, one quarter of respondents were in favour of a law authorising administration of lethal drugs to patients.

City chosen for palliative care study

Canada- Meridian Booster

Lloydminster has been selected as a case study site by a team of researchers for a national-scale study on palliative care in rural Canada.

How do people talk about hospice care on social media?

The Action Mill blog

This is the first post in a series about how the public and caregivers talk about end of life care.

Have you had the talk? 55% of Canadians have not

ehospice Canada

About six in ten Canadians believe that it’s extremely important to talk to someone about their end of life care preferences – but a new poll indicates that only 45% have done so.

A closer look at perinatal palliative care

ehospice International children’s edition

In this article, Dr Julia Ambler, co-founder of the South African organisation Umduduzi, Hospice Care for Children in KwaZulu Natal, describes perinatal palliative care and when it should be provided.

You don’t come here to die, but to learn about living – the importance of peer support in palliative care

ehospice UK

For people with a terminal diagnosis, the companionship of those who know what they are going through is a critical part of their care.

Money, money, money: the business side of palliative care

ehospice Australia

Starting a charity or not for profit (NFP) organisation can be one of the most challenging tasks for even the most business savvy entrepreneur. But ultimately, the organisation’s success relies on one key factor; money.

Helping family caregivers in managing medications

ehospice USA

Hospice experiences and approaches to support and assess family caregivers in managing medications for home hospice patients: A providers survey – An NHPCO summary.

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