Bubble Rush raises £75K for Cheshire hospices

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Having been inspired by a similar event held in the US, the team at St Luke’s Cheshire Hospice were determined to put on this quirky and fun new event.  

Teaming up with East Cheshire Hospice, they offered a 5km course, created by local company Extreme Adventure, full of bubbles which around 2,000 participants completed.

Jane Thompson, head of events at St Luke’s, was delighted by how successful the event had been: “People absolutely loved the concept and we are now working with Extreme Adventure to create the event in conjunction with hospices around the country,” she said.

“If like the Midnight Walk, this event goes national, hospice care around the country could benefit. The Midnight Walk began at St Luke’s Hospice 10 years ago [and] has now raised over £3,500,000 for patient care. Imagine if we could get even a fraction of that from the Bubble Rush.”

Continuing the bubbly theme, St Luke’s are currently working with Extreme Adventure to create a 300 foot waterslide challenge later in the summer.

Find out more about the concept on the Bubble Rush website

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