Princess Alice Hospice launches new family-focused animation film

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The film was created for the charity by award-winning animation studio Plastic Milk, based in Kingston. The powerful animation  – called Family Time –  tells the story of the Pearcey family and how the hospice offered comfort and advice at every stage of their loved one, Sarah’s, illness and death.

The film shows how creating memories and sharing special moments with the family is vital to a patient’s wellbeing and how children need and want to be involved. 

Leo Ellmers, Senior Social Worker at the hospice said

“It’s not always easy to have the conversations you need to have when someone you love is dying. We help them find a way to have that conversation and to be open with one another. Children especially want to know what is happening, they want to be involved and play a role.

“We try to normalise things for the patient and their family, whether they are in the hospice or their own home. The film really captures this. I hope it raises awareness of the care we offer, which is only possible with the support of our local communities.

“Death doesn’t discriminate and having a family member with a life limiting illness impacts on all aspects of family life. It can be a difficult stoy to put into words. “

Duncan Raitt Head of Animation at Plastic Milk said:

“Such an emotional story works really well as an animation, as it allows us to tell it in a way live action wouldn’t. We put a great deal of time and effort into making the film, as we not only wanted to do justice to the family’s story but also to capture the warmth and joyfulness of the Hospice and staff.”

Princess Alice Hospice is highly regarded for its innovative and pioneering work with young people and families and is here for patients and their families when they need it most, helping them to feel better, to do more and to make the most of the time they have.

Martin Pearcey said:

“I like the fact that people can hear our story as it may help others. Talking is important. The hospice looks after the whole family, not just the individual and you don’t know how much the hospice does to support people until you are in that position. I want the hospice to be able to offer this kind of support to every family who wants and needs it.”

Eminent broadcaster Sir Martyn Lewis CBE and a Vice-President at Hospice UK, was the guest speaker at a recent special reception hosted by Princess Alice Hospice to premier the film and also to launch the hospice’s new five year strategy.

The strategy has one over-arching ambition; to reach out to deliver care, not just to the few but to the many, ensuring that everyone in its communities will have the best care before, during and after death.

Sir Martyn, a great champion of the hospice movement said:

“In developing their plans for the future the hospice has asked some difficult questions around the enormous pressures that will be put on providing end of life care in the coming years; they are already developing effective solutions to address those questions while continuing to embrace their communities with their five star, Rolls Royce level of care.”

“The hospice movement as a whole is what I call a ‘real’ democracy in action – people on the ground getting together to provide help when it is needed the most.

“Princess Alice Hospice’s ‘news story’ is about tomorrow and getting it right and given their track record of being at the top of the tree in the work and innovation they deliver, I know they will succeed.“

To view the film Family Time visit the hospice’s website

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