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A Message from NHPCO President and CEO Edo Banach

As the nation witness the devastation of the unprecedented wild fires in California, disastrous flooding in the east and parts of the mid-west, tornado destruction in the central states, and the start of another hurricane season in the U.S., it is hard not to be moved by the many people who have been and will be affected. Recent news reports out of Sacramento have already shared the efforts of one of our provider member hospices rising to meet some of the community needs as a result of the fires. This reminds us of the important role that hospices play in communities dealing with emergency situations and the aftermath.

In recent years, NHPCO – through the National Hospice Foundation Disaster Relief Fund – has been able to offer support to the hospice community through collaborations with state organizations as they contact and support their local providers. This partnership between NHPCO and the state organizations will likely be of continued importance in the weeks and months ahead.

NHF’s Disaster Relief Fund was established to aid the hospice community when disaster overwhelms regularly-available resources. In the past, the Disaster Relief Fund made grants to support recovery efforts following Hurricane Katrina and most recently Hurricane Maria, the Haitian earthquake, flooding in mid-Atlantic and mid-western states, and more. The Fund also supports grief and bereavement programs to foster community healing following traumatic events.

We welcome your support of the disaster fund and to enhance NHPCO and NHF’s ability to care for the hospice community.  To donate, please visit our secure, online donation form.

Thank you.

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