Palliative medicine physician appointed director of the National Cancer Institute in Argentina

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The Latin American edition of ehospice reported: “We wish to congratulate and also express our great joy due to the fact that Dr Graciela Jacob, a long standing colleague and palliative care doctor, has been appointed to be the head of the NCI of Argentina.”

The news was published in the Official Bulletin of the Nation through the Presidential Decree 944/2015. Dr Jacob is a family doctor certified in palliative medicine by the Academy of Medicine of Buenos Aires, and former president of the Argentina Association of Medicine and Palliative Care (AAMyCP). Before pursuing her medical studies, Dr Jacob graduated as sociologist. She will replace the outgoing director, Dr Daniel Gomez.

It is encouraging that an organisation such as the NCI – where the imperative of curative practice has been the general rule for years – has now acknowledged people who practice palliative care. In palliative care, the objective is not to cure an illness, however the welfare of the whole person is the objective.

Dr Jorge Eisenchlas, manager of the Latin American edition of ehospice, wrote: “Dr Graciela Jacob, Graciela, or – as she is known to her friends – ‘Grace’, we want to congratulate you on this achievement, and convey our best wishes for your work. Your success will benefit a huge number of people with chronic and advanced diseases, across Argentina and throughout the region.”

Read this article in Spanish on the Latin American edition of ehospice.

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